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Income From Photography.

Everyday thousands of images are purchased around the world by web-designers, manufacturers and calendar designers in order to illustrate and sell their products. These images were sourced from traditional stock agencies such as Alamy & Getty Images at a cost of between £50 & £900 per image, depending on what it was to be used for. Then came the birth of the micro stock agency.

Micro stock agencies work in same way as the traditional agencies in that they all have on-line image libraries where customers can purchase and download images. The major difference with micro stock agencies is that they sell each image for between $1 & $350 and anyone can contribute pictures to them. This has allowed them to attract very large customer bases in a short period of time. These agencies all have one thing in common.
In order to keep their customer base they require hundreds of fresh new images on a daily basis.

You do not, however need to be a professional photographer to submit images to stock agencies. A range of people from housewife’s, students to the retired all submit images to micro stock agencies in order to make an additional income.

What this e-book is not!
• It is not page after page of website links that you can get for free with a simple search on Goggle.
• It is not an instruction book of how to take a good photograph (you need to be able to do this).

This e-book is;
It is a 46 page e-book that covers everything you need to know in order to start submitting images to micro stock agencies.

Apart from the book, you will also get free unlimited email support between 9am and 9pm GMT, 7 days a week excluding bank holidays.

The book is divided into sections and covers the following;

• Introduction.
• Getting started.
• Workstation location and colour management.
• Setting up the folder structure.
• What makes a good stock photo?
• Check – list.
• Keywords.
• Common image faults to avoid.
• Putting together your first submission.
• Setting up accounts with Stock Agencies.
• Upload information and Utilities.
• Upload your images.
• Earnings from stock photography.
• Moving forward.
• Stay ahead of the game.
• Resources.
• Customer care.


As a rule of thumb, you can expect to earn $1 for each image you have on each stock agency during a 12 month period. Let me put that in perspective for you;

If you do this on a part-time basis and were to shoot, prepare and upload 21 good quality images a week (3 a day) to all of the 6 stock agencies that I tell you about, you will have a total of 6552 images on micro stock agencies. This in return should earn you approximately $6552 in a 12 month period.

Likewise, if you want to do this on a full time basis you could easily upload 125 images a week, giving you a total of around 36000 images within 12 months. This would realise an income of approximately $36,000 per year.

You can request payment by cheque or PayPal as and when your account reaches a certain balance (usually $50). Please note that the majority of stock agencies pay you in $ USD, and this is converted into your national currency at the rate that applies when your request payment.

This is an extremely versatile way of generating income and has the following advantages;

• You can do this anywhere in the world.
• You can do as little or as much as you like each week at the times that suit you.
• It has the potential to generate an income for you 24/7, 365 days a year.